Dear Health-Savvy Friend,

Mrs S.R. was a retired widow who always thought she’d taken pretty good care of herself. But then her doctor told her she had Type II diabetes. Once she got over her fear and even embarrassment, S.R. became determined not to let the disease control her life… so she found a natural way to control her diabetes.

In just three weeks, S.R. noticed a big boost in her energy. Eventually, she beat the disease, stopped taking medication and began spending more time with her grandchildren and travelling to exotic places around the world.

What’s S.R.’s secret?

Well… first off… she found a doctor who said, "You can conquer diabetes without drugs and heal your body with the foods you eat." 

 In The Diabetes Improvement Program: A Doctor’s Handbook for Using Foods and Supplements to Slow and Reverse the Complications of Diabetes, Dr. Patrick Quillin shows you how to use 10 super foods to battle diabetes naturally… without the use of drugs or needles. He’s also an award-winning author of more than 15 books that have sold millions of copies worldwide.

With his 7-step programme, you too could feel better in just weeks. Your body may begin to feel healthier. You’ll feel energised and get control of your weight. You may even begin to see an improvement in your eyesight, circulation and sense of balance. But most of all… you could finally get control of your diabetes. You’ll learn how to:

But first… let’s back up for a moment…

Will I have to take medication for the rest of my life?

When your doctor said "you have Type II Diabetes," did he tell you to lose 9 kilos, cut out ice-cream… and then pretty much send you packing with a prescription in your pocket?
I’m sure you had questions like… do I cut out all sugar? Do I have to give up fruit and juice? And what about artificial sweeteners? Is all bread bad? What about fat? Will taking more vitamins help?

Well – if you’ve been managing the disease for a few months or even years, you know it’s not easy. Even if you see a dietician, their advice of a low-sugar, low-fat, no-fun diet can be pretty depressing and overwhelming.

Teach your body to digest

The truth is… you can’t just cut out fat and sugar from your diet and cure diabetes. The key to controlling and even conquering diabetes is to address the underlying cause of the disease.
Sure… we all know that you get diabetes because of a combination of factors… lifestyle, diet or genetics. Slowly, over time, your body goes haywire and forgets how to process sugar. But if you’re taking medicine or insulin to control your diabetes, you’re controlling the symptoms of the disease not getting at the heart of the problem.
But on Dr. Quillin’s programme you could teach your body how to process the sugar. Your body could regulate itself naturally… without drugs or insulin injections. So… why do most people use drugs when research shows that…

Diabetes drugs could increase your risk of a heart attack by 250%

Most doctors want a quick fix and put you on glucose-lowering drugs. Yes – they can control your symptoms and lower your blood sugar. But they don’t address the cause of the disease.
And sure… you want to get your symptoms quickly under control. Who wouldn’t?  

But what are the Risks? 


Did you know that glucose-lowering drugs can lose their effectiveness over time? Plus – they can dramatically increase your chances of dying from a heart attack. In fact, many diabetes drugs increase your risk of a heart attack or a stroke by as much as 250%. Is it any small wonder that 80% of diabetics die of heart disease? Plus – many of these drugs are also associated with weight-gain, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation, stomach pain, drowsiness and headaches.

Control diabetes in just weeks... and reduce your risk of a heart attack!

In Dr. Quillin’s – The Diabetes Improvement Program – you’ll discover more about his breakthrough diabetes treatment plan that goes straight to the underlying cause of the disease. Plus – on his programme, you could actually reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke… not increase it! 

You’ll be shocked at just how simple it is to fight diabetes naturally…

But that’s not all…

10 Super Foods that could help you battle diabetes

In this exciting e-book, you’ll also learn about 10 "super foods" that could be the most important elements in your diabetes programme… Foods that most doctors and dieticians don’t have a clue about!

For instance… Has your doctor ever talked to you about brewer’s yeast (#4 on Dr. Quillin’s list of super foods)? Your mother probably used it to make her homemade bread. Well, believe it or not, taking just one tablespoon a day of brewer’s yeast could substantially reduce your blood glucose levels. In the new boom The Diabetes Improvement Program, you’ll find out exactly how it works and how fast you could see results.
The bottom line is…

Doctors have been telling us for decades simply to "stop eating sugar". Now we know why this advice doesn't work!

The key to beating diabetes isn’t just about depriving yourself of sugar and fat. We’ve been hearing that for years, but it just doesn’t work for millions of people. The truth is… most diabetics suffer from a dangerously low intake of certain key nutrients. And this nutritional deficiency is how diabetes gets started in the first place.
The good news is… you could replace these vital nutrients and benefit your body with the foods you eat.
For instance, did you know…

But that’s not all. In The Diabetes Improvement Program, you’ll learn how to:

Now turn to page 80 to meet A.R. You won’t believe how easy it was for her to overcome a family history of diabetes…

"I got Type I diabetes, but I beat it and didn't go blind like my mother!"

For years, A.R. watched her mother go through the pain of uncontrolled diabetes, including blindness and kidney failure. A.R. vowed never to go through such an ordeal. But years later, A.R. was in fact diagnosed with Type I diabetes after having a hysterectomy for a benign growth on her ovary.

The first year after her diagnosis, A.R. ate out of depression. Her weight and blood glucose levels skyrocketed. Afraid she would end up just like her mother, A.R. approached Dr. Quillin.

He assured A.R. that she wouldn’t go blind and began to tailor a plan for her to stop the disease. Soon after beginning the 7-step programme, A.R. discovered the power of Dr. Quillin’s so-called super foods, such as brewer’s yeast. She also began taking high doses of niacin to help her burn calories and help her body absorb glucose.

Six months into the programme, A.R. called Dr. Quillin once again. She was going on a date… The first in five years since her divorce. She felt great and it showed… Plus, she’d even stopped taking insulin! A.R.’s breakthrough has worked for many others. In The Diabetes Improvement Program you’ll also read about J.W.

“I threw away my hypoglycaemic drugs.”

Like millions of others, J.W. developed Type II Diabetes in her 60's. Her doctor put her on hypoglycaemic drugs to get her blood sugar quickly under control. But the drugs only masked the problem and didn’t do anything to correct the underlying condition that caused her diabetes.

So – J.W. went to Dr. Quillin and asked him what "foods and nutrients will give me the biggest bang for my buck in reversing my diabetes?"

Dr. Quillin outlined his 7-step programme and began to teach J.W. how to control her body’s reaction to sugar. He encouraged J.W to incorporate brewer’s yeast and the other super foods into her diet. Four months later, J.W.’s blood sugar levels returned to normal. Her doctor said she could throw away her drugs and continue whatever she was doing… it was working!

Turn to page 115 to find out more about J.W.’s programme that helped her conquer diabetes and return to healthy living.

And now meet M.V. Her story proves that beating diabetes doesn’t have to be about depriving yourself.

"I beat diabetes without giving up the foods I love"

M.V. is a master chef at an acclaimed restaurant. But after years in the kitchen, M.V. began to gain weight and she eventually developed Type II diabetes. She experienced blurred vision and tingling in her feet… and one night she passed out at work.

M.V. loves to cook and eat… And she didn’t want to change her lifestyle. But after trying The Diabetes Improvement Program, she was hooked. Now, her blood glucose levels and body weight have returned to normal… And she doesn’t have any more circulation problems in her feet or hands. If an award-winning chef can eat like this, you could too…

Are pizzas and brownies part of your diabetic diet? They should be!

The secret behind Dr. Quillin’s programme is letting the foods you eat work for you, not against you. Sure – that’s easy to say. But with Dr. Quillin’s new e-book, you’ll get page after page of sample menus and recipes that incorporate the 10 super foods known to help combat this insidious disease.

In The Diabetes Improvement Program, you’ll find recipes for delicious and mouth-watering dishes, such as:

Doesn’t that sound delicious? Can’t wait to get more? All you have to do now is…

Order your risk-free copy of The Diabetes Improvement Program today!

The Diabetes Improvement Program should be offered in every doctor’s office, hospital and pharmacy. It’s easily the most practical guide to fighting diabetes with nutrition that you’ll ever come across. But because of a special production run for our readers, this powerful resource is available to Fleet Street Publications Readers now for a specially reduced price of only R297.95 from the original publisher’s price of R349.95!

Teach your body to treat itself... get real results... or your money back!

There’s so much more I could tell you about, like… how J.T. lost 27 kilos and 30 centimetres… how to block sugar cravings… why eating more ‘good fat’ could help you lose weight… and how you could cut your blood sugar levels by 50% to 75% without drugs or needles.

The bottom line is… you don’t have to let diabetes get the best of you. You can beat the odds and teach your body how to digest sugar. Just like all the others who’ve already found the secret, you too could get control of your diabetes and feel fit, healthy and energised. We guarantee it. Or your money back. It’s that simple.


To your good health,

Shimanga Mubitana
Product Manager:

P.S. Don’t miss out on this 30-day money back guarantee… Dr. Quillin is the real deal. I’m so convinced that you could benefit from his 7-step programme, I want you to keep The Diabetes Improvement Program for one full year. Read it. Dog-ear it. Try the recipes. Loan it to your doctor. If your symptoms don’t dramatically improve in a year, then I insist you return it to us for a full refund of the purchase price. No questions asked. It’s that simple… so order your copy today!

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